Cowboy Bebop and Gypsy Crawl
Something Old,Something New.
21st Century Blues. 

Squirrel Nut Zippers
n’ Johnny Cash
Joyriding with Django at the Caravan reins.

I appreciate you stopping by, and I really do  hope you enjoy the music.
That’s all.


So, here are a couple of tunes off the latest album.  Hoping that they make at least a few toes tap.

Tumble Dry
 – This is the crazy caravan ride of a song. The solo came out so sweet and janky, I got a tear in my eye (just dust from the wagon wheel, i swear.) The lyrics are very poetic and just sort of say….well, hey, maybe i shouldn’t tell you, you decide.

Seven Steps
Ok, here is some hot-club type jangle. I wrote this one to go along with the Speakeasy Club gig I play every Friday night. Rowdy, spooky, and get’s the flappers swinging the Charleston 20s. This track has the best solos I’ve ever played. I really sweated these and I’m might’ proud I must confess.


I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback, and it’s been awesome. Mostly. Except for the guy who told me to “suck a dixie dick.” Maybe that’s a compliment, I don’t know. I’m just trying to get this thing going again. It’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea, and that’s all good.  As my little sister used to say, “‘To each his own,’ said the the lady who kissed her cows goodnight.”

Hopefully, your cows are all tucked in for the night. Maybe head back to Facebook and leave a comment, befriend, cyberstalk and look through pictures. Whatever. Or if you’d like to get the tunes you heard and some others for free, just enter your email address over there to the right and whoosh, they’ll be on their way. Check your inbox, and if you don’t see them, check your bulk folder. Oh, and you have to confirm that you are a human and not some bot first, too. You’ll see. Easy.  Just want to spread the word. Thanks for giving me a listen. It really is much appreciated.

 Listen to what others are saying about Jon Ji !!!

 >Carmen A. – ” I don’t know what is this style, but I love it! Makes me want to move. And, I love your voice! Thank you for the downloads. Hurry up with that album!”

 >Roberto Valley (legendary LA bassist) -“I’ve been blessed to have been involved with a great many musical acts, both “live” and in the studio.   But I must say, only once in a great while, something as fresh and exciting as Jon Ji comes my way. From the very first time I heard his singing and guitar playing, I was blown away, with his timeless soulful spirit. I’m honored to be a part of his recording project.”

 >Yusef Lateef – ” You are the real deal, man. You got “it!” Keep pluggin, man, keep going. The world needs to hear you.”

>Jason Mraz – “umm, do i know you? how did you get in here? why are you in my pool?”

>John “JP”  Parenti (LA Record Producer and Songwriter) – ” I’ve seen so much music come through my doors over the years, I was burnt out. Honestly, I had almost given up on new music, and then Jon Ji strolled through my door. He sat down, busted out his guitar, starting singing and just lit up the room. What a breath of fresh air. Got me all fired up again. “


Cowboy bebop and gypsy crawl.

It’s American roots with blues, jazz, folk, reggae, and hot club 1920s music blended in.  Something Old, Something New, 21st Century Blues.

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If you’re a fan of Johnny Cash, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Leon Redbone, Billie Holiday,  Muddy Waters, Andrew Bird, or even the Violent Femmes,  I think you’re going to dig it. That’s the way it seems to be going.

As the Monterey Herald said “This music is serious and it’s fun. This music is serious fun.”

Hey! You made it this far. Congrats! and thanks! I’ll leave ya with one more little treat for being the read-y type. One of most popular tunes from my previous album, “JARM.”  It’s a sweet little tune I got from Billie Holiday called “Me, Myself and I.” Thanks again.

Me, Myself and I

Do the email thing and I’ll send you the three tunes on this page and another really popular tune called “Last December Dance.”